Juice Cleanse: Day 2 – Purple!

Perhaps this should have come in yesterday’s post, but in my juice fuelled enthusiasm, it was, well, all about the juice!  However to say a bit more, I am a massage therapist and run a business in Edinburgh along with carrying out another  entirely different job for variation and respite.  Due to a long period of feeling that my energy levels should be higher for my age and health – I am 31 and healthy – I decided to join the juicing bandwagon that was being organised by my yoga school and go on a week long Juice Cleanse.  This is all about Day 2 which has had a few surprises in store along with another amateur mistake.

The juice crazed pandemonium of yesterday seemed to have been straightened out at the yoga centre where they were making the juice for us.  Gratefully I have paid them to buy in the organic ingredients and kindly they have given up their time to prep it and juice it.  Prep takes place for a few hours the night before (there are 23 of us requiring 5 litres each a day) and the juicing takes about 3 hours in the morning – easy peasy for me, not so easy for the juicers.

However I arrive in the morning to collect my juice and things are much smoother than yesterday.  Today is mainly a day off for me with the exception of one massage client, a lovely regular client who I look forward to seeing.  So far so good.  Except I am disorganised and running late and this is the theme of the day.  I leave the house without my purse, but thankfully have back up money in my bag.

I drink my first delicious juice, opting for a purple one.  Sorry for the lack of details but I do know it had purple cabbage in it and I downed it happily – so far purple is by far my favourite colour of juice.  As I have now learned, cabbage has anti-cancer properties and purple cabbage is a blood builder (everything red, purple or blue builds the blood).  In the past I have been told by an Ayurvedic therapist and an acupuncturist that I need more blood nourishing foods but I never eat anything purple usually.

ravishing raw

  • Cabbage, regardless of color, is excellent for the skin.
  • Cabbage is rich in minerals, such as calcium and potassium, choline, iodine, phosphorous, sodium and sulfur. The sulfur in cabbage helps destroy ferments in the blood.
  • Cabbage is an excellent source of vitamins A, B and C.
  • Cabbage is an alkalizing food. It helps regulate the pH in our system.
  • Raw cabbage and raw cabbage juice both relieve and heal any kind of gastrointestinal ulcer.
  • Cabbage aids in digestion and elimination Cabbage can dramatically lower bad cholesterol and helps lower blood pressure.

However, having said all that purple should come with a sort of ‘health warning’.  Following the successful consumption of beetroot juice yesterday I almost let out a scream on going to the toilet to find a bright purple ‘display’.  Sorry for those of you who are squeamish or eating your breakfast but this ‘cleanse’ could get messy and I wasn’t prepared! Neither was my poor toilet who may need some defence from the colours that have been ‘decorating’ it in recently.

Moving on from that, I have also discovered that through consuming so much liquid I now have a 20 minute window before I need the toilet.  This is difficult especially when you’re driving somewhere without a toilet and thus requires good planning.  I imagine this is what it feels like to be pregnant without carrying around a heavy tummy – my stomach feels decidedly light.  I have my second juice of the day.

Finally the morning brings my Midday Mysore Yoga class.  I don’t normally go to Mysore or the ‘self-practice’ classes, but I nervously went last night and the teacher on hand to help out was really patient and intuitively good at giving me guidance so much so that I feel good about today.  And again it was great – a different but brilliant teacher and although it’s a ‘self-practice’ session you do get a lot more 1-1 guidance and direction than in led group classes. I am happy and I drive home to Pharell’s song by that title.  I get home and have my third juice, safely tucking the fourth container away in the fridge – a place I haven’t ventured in a whole day.

To aid this detox, I have booked  a facial as a treat and I merrily trot off for some relaxation before work.  Today is back on track.  I realise the emotional link I have to ‘consuming’ things whether that be food or juice.  My juice is like my magically bottled happy place. I could jump in and turn purple.  When I am without juice, unhappiness quickly creeps up to bite me and this was the mistake I made on this day.

I left the house without my final juice.  Thinking in terms of meals which is nonsense in these circumstances, I thought I’d have my ‘dinner’ as per usual, on arriving back from work later than evening around 7.30pm. So from 3.30 to 7.30pm I didn’t have any juice.  Cue unhappy face.  I managed to fit in a lovely relaxing facial and a glass of water being going to work to massage my lovely client. The I didn’t have anything else until I got home.  Well this was my actual face before my client – a bit nutty looking and very frizzy. It became unhappy after I finished work.

Me Day 2

Then I hit a real low point.  Feeling quite down, dejected and powerless, I drove home planning to go straight to bed.  Tummy making all sorts of noises, I soothed it with my lovely, final juice of the day and a warming herbal tea and some probiotics which I had forgotten about taking.  I curse my house for seeming colder inside than it feels outside just now. I perk up instantly though from the magic green juice and stay up a bit later than planned, but I have learnt my lesson – always have a bottle of juice to hand!

Juice Cleanse: Day 1

So I have survived Day 1 of my 7 day Juice Cleanse (or Feast) and I am here to tell the tale.   Day 1 coincided with the first day back at work after the festive break and I have to say that getting out of bed wasn’t as hard as it usually is, probably because getting out of bed was necessary to pick up my first freshly made batch of juice.

I’m undertaking this with my hand being firmly held by my yoga school who organised this ‘community event’ and are taking care of all the juicing logistics.  I get to collect about 5 litres a day and there are usually 4 or 5 different types of juice to choose from.  Today was a bit like  traffic light juice.  The photo is from Day 2 but you get the pic!

Juice x 3

Here’s a list of the juice flavours that were on offer today:

– beetroot, celeriac, apple ginger, lemon

– cabbage (red and white), pear, lemon

– romaine lettuce, kale, courgette, cucumber, celery

– celery, spinach, kale, cucumber, courgette, apple, ginger, lemon, rocket

– carrot, apple, ginger, lemon

As my containers were filled for me today I’m not entirely sure which ones I had but I think I had purple #1, green #1 and orange.  First one down the hatch was the carrot one.  Delish in a healthy way. I took that to be breakfast.

I decide to ease into the week by taking it easy at work – the first day back isn’t meant to be uber productive, is it? Really.

I’m trying to preempt and therefore prevent hunger pangs so I savoured the next juice over a 2 hour lunch period.  It’s not my fave I have to admit, the green one tastes ok but does have a slight ‘medicinal’ feel to it and the smell of warming soup that everyone is torturing me with at their desks makes me a tiny bit jealous.  However these are my tips to stop me losing my mind, courtesy of Jason Vale and a few other sources:

  • Well Jason does quite rightly identify that this isn’t the biggest challenge of one’s life.  It’s just drinking juiced fruit and veg along with herbal teas and you’re allowed a spoonful of honey every now and then if you need it.  Putting this in perspective, it is highly unlikely that I will go stir crazy.
  • This is my choice.  I could eat whatever I want, but I am choosing to drink delicious and nutri-licious juice this week instead.
  • This is temporary and my body, mind and soul will thank me for it.

I have added motivation.  This was never about weight loss but I have now tried on the bridesmaid dress I shall be wearing in April and I can’t get the side zip up.  Not good. Also there’s quite a long time from the end of the juice cleanse until the wedding so I may need to do another one of these ‘feasts’ again the week before but in someone else’s house.  In New Zealand. With no hand holding. Hmm.

Anyway now I have just one container left in the work fridge (I’m sure people have been eyeing them suspiciously but so far no one has asked any questions). They are labelled with my name, but I’m desperate not to attract attention about this.

So far feeling, I feel bright and positive, if quite cold.  This is strange for me as I usually err on the side of being too warm most of the time.  I now make a big mistake and save this last container for quite late in the afternoon and have to almost down it before leaving work to head to my yoga class.   It’s almost hard to drink this much liquid which is being boosted by herbal tea in an attempt to get warmth into my body (Pukka’s Lemon and Ginger).  The trick, I have learnt, is sipping it constantly throughout the day so your body feels like it’s always being fed.

And then I bounce off to my yoga class and I feel ok.  I get home, have my final juice fest of the day – the purple beetroot one and, Oh My God it tastes to good you could have been mistaken for thinking I was licking clean the bowl of chocolate cake mix.  There were ‘bits’ too that I could chew on. Properly yummy!  Bedtime herbal tea is Yogi Tea’s Choco Chilli to help warm me up and is kinda like dessert.

Choco Chilli

End of Day Summary: Slept well.  No Hunger.  No detox symptoms.

Just COLD!

Goodbye 2013 and a Happy Hello Twenty Fourteen!

Happy New Year Everyone! Ok so I’m almost a week late but it has taken me until today to realise that we’re in a new, fresh, exciting year and that deserves and new blog!

I’m starting 2014 with the intention of having a more open mind in terms of what a year can hold and with the view that this year is part of a bigger picture and I am a work in progress.  It will not be a stand alone event but a metaphorical and literal journey.  I hope to share some of the more note worthy (fingers crossed there are some!) things that happen along with some extra ramblings with you in this blog.

2014 So Far: Today is Day 1 of a 7 day Juice Cleanse

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

This is not a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.  This is a fun event created by the manager of my yoga school that I felt enthusiastic to be a part of.  Plus they make all the juice for you so it seemed like the simplest way to do a ‘Juice Feast’ for the first time.  So far I have drunk a mystery green juice which I have to admit was a bit ‘so-so’ until I get more used to it and a delicious carrot and ginger juice.  This is all being washed down by copious amounts of herbal tea as I feel freezing today – it is January in Scotland.

Anyway I’ll try to write a bit every day as a sort of juice journal, so more to come.  Trickiest part of this first day was not surprisingly  lunch time in the office and everyone sat at their desks eating soup – I was hoping they would all eat in the canteen.  So the room was full of yummy warming smells.  However it does seem that everyone was on some kind of detox/soup diet/plan – we tend to spend the whole of January feeling guilty for the whole of December.  But I have been spoiling myself by feasting on these juicy delights, my little sordid health secrets tucked away (well taking up a lot of space) in the fridge. And not out of guilt or weight loss as I don’t think I would stick to the cleanse if that was my ‘motivation’.  Just to do a bit of a clear out, as I’m trying to do in every aspect of my life right now and I’m really excited about all this juice!

Funnily enough this year I haven’t set myself any New Year Resolutions (I think they should be called Reallyshouldutions).  I think I jinx them by committing them to paper and I somewhat set myself up for ‘failure’ as the list seems to come down to a set of challenges and basically things I feel I ‘should’ do or maybe I don’t WANT to do enough.  Why do we write these lists? I’m not sure.  I don’t think they’re a bad thing but this year I don’t feel I need them.  I am going to take this year more as it comes and make the most of it.  If I had an actual list it would be to break old habits and make better choices.

Before now it sort of felt like 2013 was dragging out and instead of 365 days, last year was going to break the mould and round itself up to 370.  Why not?! Well, my answer would be that although every year is full of wonderment, 2013 was a bit of a struggle.  There were roller-coaster highs and lows the same as every year and maybe I haven’t taken the time to remember it all fully, but it just seemed to grind me down a bit from after September.  Having said that, my birthday is the end of September and I had the distinct feeling of the ‘end of a year’ then rather than on the last day of December so really I have been waiting 3 months for 2014.  Anyway now it’s here, hurrah!

I plan to digest and reflect over the past year in the upcoming 3 months when I’ll be able to get some space and time, quite literally, to do so.  This is the exciting part of the year to come – at the beginning of next month I shall be parting company with my, er, company and business partner.  I am lucky enough that my other job will be put on hold, I am hopeful that my house will be rented out and I shall embark on a year of foreign people, places and personal development (I cringed at the last bit too but I guess that’s what I’m hoping for).

So onto a more revitalising, exciting and adventurous year of the Horse (not that I know what that means).  I love the ‘New Year, New You’ feeling and buzzing anticipation which almost a week on has not yet subsided.  for the new year.

End of Day 1: Fave juice = the Purple one: beetroot, celeriac, apple, ginger, lemon = really tasty, who’d have thought?!

Hunger: fine, no really.  I have consumed god knows how many fruit and veg in the 5 litres of juice I’ve drunk.  If you put all that on a plate, I imagine it would be physically hard to eat it all.

Mood: Hmm was feeling a bit ‘internal’ kinda introvert today but maybe just needing to be a bit quieter and calmer.  Hopefully won’t have a mental tantrum over this week or an emotional wobble but it’s all part of the fun I guess!