Juice Cleanse: Day 3 – The Big Freeze

heart shaped fruit and veg

So this is me reporting on my third day of having nothing other than freshly juiced fruit and veg and herbal teas, oh and a spoonful of honey which I had last night after a seriously ill-planned stretch without juice.  I am doing this for 7 days as loads of people have already, but this is my first time and I am being helped along by having lovely people juice my daily ‘food’ for me and by the fact that my hubby is away.  According to him I have no will power and an emotional attachment to food.  I can’t imagine how hard this would be if he were at home eating lovely warm meals and I had to juice some apples, carrots and ginger whilst the aromas wafted up my nostrils.  However, so far the will power thing hasn’t been an issue but I have probably developed an unhealthy attachment to my juice.

‘It’s like my most prized possession now!’ I explain as I collect my 5 litres from Meadowlark Cafe adjacent to my yoga school of the same name.  It’s true.  I have no desire to buy anything, no other real needs – thankfully, but right now my one and only preoccupation is having some juice on me at all times.

Day 3 has been interesting. I woke up with a jolt at 1am thinking it was time to get up and swerved out of bed to realise that it wasn’t.  Then I woke up again at 4am and then again at 6am, hmm…I had heard that juicing massively improved your quality of sleep and this was one of the things that had most attracted me to doing this.  Instead, the first night I had my first realistic nightmare in ages and the second night this.

Oh well.  I make it sleepily out of bed feeling freezing and head straight towards the kettle.  Oh I forgot about the kettle and my hot water bottle – there are other possessions that I care deeply about right now.   I have been sleeping with 3 layers, a dressing gown, a blanket and a hot water bottle and still felt chilly! Having seen the scenes of near arctic conditions in America I can say that I can’t imagine it being any colder there than it is in my house even with the heating on.  Feeling cold has been one of the trickiest parts of this so far.  It’s not all that fun never feeling warm and I am usually the one fanning myself at my desk as I over heat at work.  Instead today I look down to see the hairs my arms raised and my hands turning a funny shade of purple – the horror, although that could be the purple juice.

On today’s menu was a purple cabbage, pear and fennel juice among others that I was very excited about.  I am loving me some juice!  It is like the elixir of life.  I am genuinely smiling just thinking about it. And here’s a bit about Fennel:

Fennel juice has an amazing calming effect on the digestion and reduces intestinal cramps, intestinal gas, flatulence and bloating. It is widely used by herbalists as an antispasmodic for IBS, due to the essential oils contained within fennel that help to relax the walls of the gut. The most powerful essential oil is anethol, which is a superb anti-inflammatory as well as being the main chemical responsible for fennel’s antispasmodic effects.

Now this is good timing because today had been a game changer.  I am feeling a lot more windy and like I need to run to the toilet than I did the first 2 days.  Maybe a delayed detox reaction.  Quite concerning though as I have 2 massage clients this evening and so far when I have to go, I have to go. On a positive note, by lunchtime I don’t feel as cold.  I actually stop thinking about feeling cold so that means that I’m not – what a relief!

I had a horrendous meeting about leaving my own business which I will no doubt write about once I have gained some space from it all and then I went off to meet a friend for a much needed catch up.  For some reason I am feeling a bit more emotional today than others and quite lonely.  Up until now I have been enjoying doing my own thing in my juicing world with the ‘community’ feel of the people at my yoga school and online support. But these things, changes in diet etc,  can be lonely things to do.  I haven’t planned any social events until later in the week and think I needed to see a friend.

There’s not so much ‘hunger pangs’ as ’emptiness pangs’ and I think that the emotional attachment I maybe have with food, if any (I’m not saying I agree with my hubby) could be reflected in that by feeling physically empty it is making me feel quite emotionally empty. I need to fill myself up with something nurturing – thank goodness I have this planned!

Beforehand I still stupidly walk about without my juice bottle to hand – will I never learn?!  So I had to buy a juice on the move from a stand that freshly juices it.  This juice was…disappointing.  It tastes sweeter than the juices I have been having and I wonder if it is mainly apple juice.  I venture in the food court of the shopping centre I’m in and notice than I have a slightly more acute sense of smell.  The whole place smells like ketchup. But I make it to the food court (another one) in John Lewis with a beautiful view of an Edinburgh monument set against the blue sky and have a great chat with my friend, interrupted only now and then by the strongest smell of bacon.

Now having embarked on this fruit and veg feast and realised how few veggies I normally eat, I decided that once I’m done, I’ll return to being a vegetarian. It was bacon, however, that trapped me back to the way of meat way back when I was a vegetarian student living off pesto and pasta. I push the bacon smell to one side and tell myself, all in good time if I still so desire.

photo (3)

I’m ravenous for more juice so I gulp some after my massage work and head home.  I don’t even wait until I get in the house before finishing the rest in my driveway – another delicious and brightly coloured dinner!  Once in my iglu of a house, I have the bestest hottest bath ever with candles and blissful bath oil.  I actually say out loud ‘I am so grateful to have this bath’.  I feel real gratitude, very cheesy I know.  And then due to the build up of the day I actually burst into tears.  I feel like a lost teenager, but I end the day warm and if anything else this is teaching me what’s really important in life!

Lesson learnt on day 3 – nurture yourself by filling yourself up with positive actions and thoughts and surround yourself by kind people.

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